N3tw0rm IOCs

Updated: 15:00 GMT 09/05/21

A new ransomware attack group called N3tw0rm is claiming to have penetrated the network of several Israeli companies included Veritas, an international shipping and logistics company, Ecolog, an infrastructure engineering company, and Israel’s branch of clothing retailer H&M. In a departure from previous behaviour, a source familiar with the matter stated that the attackers did not send H&M a ransom demand since their aim is to embarrass H&M.

There is speculation that this N3tw0rm group is associated with Iran. If confirmed, the group will be operating hot on the heels of Pay2Key, a group that attacked numerous companies including Intel, Portnox and IAI back in December 2020. OP Innovate was at the forefront of Israel’s response to Pay2Key and verifies that this new attack exhibits similarities in the MO of the Pay2Key attack. It may be timed to coincide with Israel’s upcoming Jerusalem Day. OP Innovate has put together a list of IOCs (indicators of compromise) we have been able to identify from our investigations so far:

8080PortPort between internal secondary and internal primary
C:\Windows\Temp\n3tw0rm\Slave.exe Path, File 
8C6FD14084820EC528749300222097D21197659535AAA50CDCC75831F73546C1 SHA256 
C:\Windows\Temp\n3tw0rm\FreeSpaceWorker.exePath, File 
paexec-[#####]-[computername].exeFileTool in use (# are for random numbers) AddressC&C – Express VPN AddressC&C – Express VPN
078667339385F3B77AEA2023C8FF9DB373841741SHA256Pypykatz hash

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Written by Oran Cohen, Chief Security Officer at OP innovate

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