Cyber Security Services

Increasing and maintaining your company’s cyber resilience.

In our early days back in 2014 we made a strategic decision not to resell hardware nor software solutions. We continue to stand by this today. Our impartial recommendations allow us to position ourselves as your Trusted Advisor on all matters relating to your information, data and cyber security.


Red Team Exercise

Test your organization’s ability to detect and respond to a stealthy, invasive and prolonged attack.

Blue Team Exercise

Assess the defensive capabilities and critical decision-making of your IT staff or SOC under fire.

Incident Response Scenario Validation

Increase confidence in the efficacy of your incident response scenarios by playing them out to assess response, leadership decision-making and validity.

Business Continuity Planning

Create a strategy through the recognition of threats and risks facing your organization, to ensure that your business can effectively recover in the event of a disaster.

Cloud Security

Identify and implement additional requisite safeguards to secure sets of your organization’s documents, data and containers that are stored in the public cloud.

Firewall Hardening

Maximize the security capabilities of your organization’s existing firewalls by carefully configuring their built-in security features to their optimal position.

Website Monitoring

Receive timely alerts in the event that your website is hacked, defaced or offline, rather than finding out about it from your clients or competitors.

Secure Code Review

Review open-source code integrated into your solutions. It often contains vulnerabilities. Just ask our researchers – they have several CVEs to their name!

Offensive (preventative)


Penetration Testing

Run a penetration test if you believe that your security posture is close to optimal, but you’d like to identify cyber defense gaps, and the extent to which they can be exploited to compromise your organization’s data. Test emphasis can focus on insider threats, external adversaries, or incorporate other threat guided approaches.


Vulnerability Assessment

Carry out a vulnerability assessment to identify and evaluate the critical gaps in your organization’s information security, and provide you with a prioritized list of vulnerabilities to remediate.


Threat Modelling

Identify the risks that need managing to allow security decisions to be made rationally, pre-emptively, and with all the information on the table.

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)

Leverage credible, actionable, real-time CTI to maximize the value of your infosec resources to bolster your defenses against the attacks most likely to target your operation and brand reputation.



Remediation Work Plan

Design a remediation work plan if you have a prioritized list of vulnerabilities to rectify from an assessment but need a deployment strategy that complements your organization’s budget and tolerance for change.


Policy and Procedure Writing

Develop policies and procedures that address real security risks that affect your organization and prescribe conduct that fits in with your organizational culture.

Compliance and Regulation

Deploy measures across your organization required to achieve compliance with data security regulations including HIPAA and the EU’s GDPR, among other government and industry regulations.

Proofs of Concept

Prove that your cybersecurity product demonstrates the added value you are promising your customers and investors.


Assess New Technology

Understand and manage risks associated with the introduction of new or emerging systems and technologies into your organization.

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