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WASP is a revolutionary DevSecOps platform that helps companies increase and maintain cyber security posture through smart management of offensive findings, from discovery until mitigation. We invite you to find out more – if you like what you see, and we know you will, we’ll be happy to get you started.


Meet OP Innovate’s ‘WASP’

Wasp is an innovative dashboard that consolidates and focuses your risk assessment findings in a single, dedicated platform. Wasp provides a perpetual view of your security testing chronology, past, present and future!

A single repository for offensive projects – previous projects, their findings, and future scheduled projects are located in a single, secure location, always available for quick reference, in-depth review and measurement over time.



Supports management decisions by reflecting the cyber risk and summarizing the mitigation cost-effectiveness. The dashboard provides an interactive, real-time alternative to point-in-time PDF reports sent over email.


Allows integration with customer ticketing systems (Jira, Monday or others) for faster assimilation and remediation. This sync empowers dev teams to communicate directly with offensive researchers to ensure nothing is lost in translation.

Forecasting the Future

Over the coming months, we will be rolling out additional features which you will be able to adopt and tune according to your needs:

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Benchmarks and Statistics

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Code Repository Integration

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Fuller Picture

Integrating additional security controls including SCA, SAST, and DAST; Bug-bounty programs, etc.

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