Real-world based experience

We deliver a broad spectrum of expert services,
sophisticated offensive and defensive operations.
We increase your organization's resilience
to the ever-present threat of cyber-attack.
Pre-emptive-assess || Responsive- Remediate

About Us

Established in 2014 to defend global enterprises from the increasing challenges of organizational cybersecurity. Our experience in the field is extensive with unmatched expertise in cyber research, penetration testing, incident response, training and forensics. With headquarters in Israel, we rub shoulders with the best-of-breed in the field of cybersecurity, exposed to cutting-edge responses to today’s most critical cybersecurity concerns. This knowledge allows us and our customers to remain ahead of the curve.

Cyber Security Services

Increasing and maintaining your company’s cyber resilience.

In our early days back in 2014 we made a strategic decision not to resell hardware nor software solutions. We continue to stand by this today. Our impartial recommendations allow us to position ourselves as your Trusted Advisor on all matters relating to your information, data and cyber security.


Expect the Worst, Defend with the Best!
- Incident Response & Data Forensics
- War Games: Red Team / Blue Team Exercises
- Instructional & Awareness Seminars
- Incident Response Plan Validation
- SOC/CERT design


Prepare yourself!
- Penetration Testing – black, grey, white box (Team X)
- Vulnerability Assessment
- Risk and Active Threat Assessment
- Threat Modeling Exploitation
- Research Cyber Threat intelligence– clear, deep, dark web


A winning strategy!
- Strategic Vision Workplan
- Deployment
- Project Management
- Proofs of Concept
- Tailor-made Services.

Cybersecurity thought-leaders


Case Studies

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Define requirements, ID Key Areas, OP Innovate to the rescue 

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